Final Exam

Digital Photo and Manipulation:



Paliani, A. (2016). Little Mac. Personal Photo.


After! The Little Mac Bridge located on the Allendale campus. Hundreds of students cross everyday to get to different sides of the campus!

Paliani, A. (2016). Blue Little Mac. Personal Photo.



Paliani, A. (2016). Seidman. Personal Photo.



After! The Bill Seidman Statue located outside of the MIP library! Grand Valley’s business school is named after him!

Paliani, A. (2016). Edited Seidman. Personal Photo.



Paliani, A. (2016). Clock Tower. Personal Photo.

clock tower

After! The clocktower located on the Allendale campus makes GV differ from other schools!

Paliani, A. (2016). Edited Clock Tower. Personal Photo.

Internet Culture/Memes:


I recreated a few of the famous Memes that get everyones attention! Getting a parking ticket on campus called for the perfect “Bad Luck Brian” meme. I was able to take a selfie with my Iphones shattered screen with a friends phone because it accurately described an issue that only our generation cares about. Lastly, I had a friend take a picture of me being obnoxious and talking on the phone in the library because even I hate that!

Paliani, A. (2016). BLB. Personal Photo.

Paliani, A. (2016). FWP. Personal Photo.

Paliani, A. (2016). HGH. Personal Photo.


I utilized my favorite place on campus and made a quick video! Everyday I order at least one cup of tea from the Argo Tea located in the Mary Idema Pew library on the Allendale campus. I used Premire pro to edit my video because I am very familiar with that program. I added a catchy song as well as some captions due to it being loud in that section of the library. Below I added the timeline of the final video and the screenshot from Twitter.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 7.10.13 AM

Paliani, A. (2016). Video Timeline. Screenshot.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 7.09.30 AM

Paliani, A. (2016). Vimeo Tweet. Screenshot.




Paliani, A. (2016). Transitional Link. Personal Photo.




Paliani, A. (2016). Edited Transitional Link. Personal Photo.

I found that this artwork spoke to me as soon as I first saw it as a freshman. I always wondered why no one would walk underneath it until one of my friends had told me. The myth is if you walk through the sculpture a certain way, you wouldn’t graduate. I find it very interesting that students believe in this myth.

GVSU Culture:


Paliani, A. (2016). Wrecking Ball. Personal Photo.

The wrecking ball at Grand Valley is a well known sculpture around the West Michigan Area. I was not yet a freshman when the videos went viral, but I already was committed to being a laker. Since this sculpture is so popular on campus, searching for key words that can be implemented is essential for the audience analysis. Using Google Adwords, I was able to search for alternative key words that people would use to research the wrecking ball.


Paliani, A. (2016). Google ADwords. Screenshot.

GVSU students have been caught swinging on the infamous wrecking ball it in order to mimic the celebrity Miley Cyrus. Intimidating Miley Cyrus has gotten these adventurous students in trouble throughout the years by the University. Individuals that are not familiar with GVSU aren’t aware that the wrecking ball is actually a pendulum. That is not fun for students because Miley was riding a wrecking ball not a “pendulum ball.”

After Miley released a song called “Wrecking Ball” her crazy actions started to get out of hand. Her music video was an interesting twist on construction. She was filmed riding a wrecking ball naked while licking a hammer. Now this situation would happen to every college if they had a giant pendulum that resembled a wrecking ball. After many videos of students recreating the music video, Grand Valley decided to take down the sculpture. Many students then retaliated and started protesting. The students got their wish back and the pendulum is now outside of the Padnos Hall of Science on Allendales campus. Unfortunately, there is now a fence that surrounds it to prevent Miley impersonators from riding it.