*asks: “WTF is Public Relations?”


I entered this course knowing absolutely nothing on Public Relations. To be completely honest, I still don’t know. It’s just talking to people right? I always just thought you needed to be great in front of crowds then you’re good to go. But based on sitting in on the first day of class, I started to realize that wasn’t the case at all. I was shaking in my seat because everyone seemed to be so confident in their knowledge and they all knew each other. I kept asking myself, “how do these people know what they are doing with their lives?” because I sure don’t. All I know is that I like to be creative and have a good time and this is the class to be in if you value those things.


I came to school not knowing what I wanted to do with my life and at times I still question myself. I guess it is pretty sad that I know nothing about my major but cut me some slack this is my first year learning about it! I am planning on graduating with an advertising emphasis, but who knows that can also change. One thing I do know is that celebrities have Public Relations reps to keep track of their social lives. They make sure that their publicity is on the right track and keeps the celebrity updated on all social media accounts. I know they try to get rid of negative publicity and schedule appearances that can help them “look good”.  I hope to learn more about the qualifications that you need to have to be an excellent Public Relations representative.


In my advertising class last semester, I learned that advertising is all paid media while PR is earned. Advertising basically pays for products and services to be shown while Public Relations uses media to get consumers to hear and talk about the products and services to gain more knowledge on it. I believe that it is very important for me to learn the basics of Public Relations because it could help me in the future with a career. I wish to know what the everyday life is of PR representative whether it is for a celebrity or various companies. I’m trying to figure out what they do on a day to day basis and it seems that it isn’t much of a job at all. I know I don’t know anything about PR, but I feel like a day on the job would consist of parties and socializing. Why wouldn’t you want that in a job? Of course it’s a job and ALL jobs have their downs, but I would like to know what those might be. I love how this field offers so much creativity and gives you the chance to experiment with how society acts to different issues. It would be an interesting field to think about and who knows, maybe I can be a Public Relations Rep someday for the next generations “Justin Bieber.”