Looking back on the past semester has been bittersweet. Though I wont have to worry about multiple plan books and constant research, I have gotten the opportunity to network as well as continue to learn about the public relations field. As an advertising major, it is important to learn about the aspects of public relations because it allows you to have two points of view in campaigns. Since I have taken all public relations courses this semester, it has been interesting to see the distinct differences within the fields. I have learned how to overcome issues in regards to difficult clients and working with other students.

Along with my Fundamentals of Public Relations course, I also was enrolled in the course “Technology in Public Relations.” I got the opportunity to use select topics in both of my classes to compliment each other. Knowing that the current trends in society revolve around technology in communication; I implemented what I have learned to the plan book I made for the Seidman Graduate School Programs. The client struggled with how to communicate with undergraduate students. The was simple: technology. Knowing how much I go on social media, it was a no brainer that it was the right path to recruiting. It was also obvious that students are interested in an enhanced degree to support their future plans. Those were both implied, but then I had to research the basics.

The most important thing I learned in this course is that research is hard. No matter how much time you put into your primary and secondary research- it isn’t good enough. If you believe that your draft is the best it could be- it still isn’t good enough. In order to be a public relations professional, you must be very analytical and observant. When conducting research, it is essential to analyze the factors that are contributing to the issue from a variety of different angles and perspectives. Experiencing this first hand with our class client was a difficult process. I thought that shifting high school research to college research was hard, but shifting to Advertising and Public Relations research is an even harder task. I had to learn that clients are willing to pay a lot of money for your knowledge so making sure that you provide accurate research to help the plan is needed. Looking at perspectives creates a wider amount of strategies but then you can filter out what is the most important and would be the most impactful for the campaign.


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