What’s Your Opinion on Social Media?

It is crazy to think about the ways of communication and how much they have changed. Human interaction isn’t just face to face anymore. In fact, I think people prefer talking over the phone whether it is texting or calling and through social media. Social media has definitely changed the way that we as humans communicate and it can be shown in some positive and negative ways.

I use social media daily. To me, it is a form of entertainment. I will open Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook while I’m on the bus on my way to campus, when I’m bored and trying to procrastinate and a handful of times in between. I think I speak for most young adults when I say I use Facebook carefully.  I say this because this because this is what most of our family members use to communicate. Most posts on Facebook are posts that my grandmother will comment on and show her friends she calls the “Golden Girls.” With that being said, I believe Facebook is the most used social media medium; but slowly dying. This is because teenagers and young adults are taking advantage of Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram more.

I see social media as a platform to get yourself known. Kids are getting social media accounts younger and younger every year; which can be somewhat scary. These curious individuals are maturing quickly due to social media. They are watching celebrities and significantly older people and their lives which alters the way they should be living. This is the negative side of social media. I also believe that social media allows people to hide. Individuals have courage to cyber bully and say things that they most likely wouldn’t say in person. In an article by Brian Jung, he elaborates on how this takes a toll on mental health and can lead to depression and suicide (Jung 2016). Face to face communication is getting harder for our generation. “Concerns are growing that the practical impact of mobile device use is making humans more interested in their online lives, and less interested in each other” (Saiidi 2105). This makes their reality seem fake and their online lives more interesting to them.

Fox News has a very informative video that talks about anxiety that comes from social media here.

A lot of positive things can come out of social media too. It allows people to communicate quickly. This is very essential in the lives of many people today- everyone is busy. People want information fast and simple. Beside from texting, it is one of the fastest ways to keep in contact. You already have the app on your phone, it will be sent directly to your phone. It can potentially be just as fast as getting a text message. The difference is, anyone has access to contact you- but not everyone has your phone number. Another useful and positive aspect of social media is branding. “Social media advertising is the best native option”(Ganguly, 2015). Clearly because everyone is on their phones almost all the time. You can easily advertise goods and services and the chances of many people seeing it is very high. In fact, most advertising agencies and public relations professionals use social media as one of their top ways of getting their work known.

Personally, I love social media. I believe it is a good way to express yourself and communicate with others. Unfortunately, some people don’t know how to use it correctly and could be potentially hurt in the end on how they portray themselves on these platforms. I believe it is important to teach people the positive and negative things that come out of using social media.



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