What’s Next for This Blog?

The semester is coming to an end quickly and everyone is cramming to get final papers and study rooms booked. This year, I have gotten a chance to expand my knowledge on Advertising and Public Relations through a variety of classes. This blog is a virtual notebook of what I have learned as well as a personal journal of my future plans through my field of study. This blog allows me to express myself with an informal tone so my readers get a sense of who I am on a personal/comedic level rather than reading a resume which would be more formal.

For the sake of my professional future, I have decided to keep my blog. Not only am I keeping it, I also have the link posted in my LinkedIn, About.me, and all of my social media accounts. I will actively update this blog with future assignments within my field and I will be able to examine the growth I acquire in each class and overall in my college career. My vision is that future employers take a look at my blog and use this as a alternative resume/ portfolio. I think this is very important in the communications field because all the exercises I have posted are helpful and exceptional writing is crucial in public relations.

I am excited to discover where this blog takes me while I continue my adventure at Grand Valley!


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