Have you ever googled yourself and not liked what you saw? Did you know that there is a way to fix that?! There certainly is! Sign yourself up at and you can boost at what sites pop up when you google your name. The pages you try to hide won’t be gone forever, but there is a way to get those searches lower into the system where people don’t usually check. BrandYourself has an option of a free profile. In the free option you are able to filter the results to “positive, not me and negative.” Afterwards, the website allows you to “Boost” three websites or pages that you want to be seen when people google your name. They offer a list of ways to improve your search results as well as telling you the order of the searches.

My initial score was a D. This is a poor score but it does not mean that I have a poor reputation on the internet. This occurred because I have a very unique name and there is a popular Italian man that has the same name as me. Most of the search results were about him and my sites showed up a few times. I decided to boost my LinkedIn profile as well as my profile. They offered me suggestions like adding my past positions and well as adding more interests. I now have a perfect score for my LinkedIn profile. If I am active enough on my LinkedIn, it will enhance my visibility on google. On my profile, the website told me to improve by adding my location as well as adding interests. I am now working on getting my profile to be higher on the search list.

Brand is useful for everyone that is seeking jobs as well as students because it allows you to control what future employers see about you!Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.56.35 PM


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