Know Your Chakras Infographic

During my technology in Public Relations class, we were required to create an infographic of our choice. I wasn’t very familiar with infographics, but after a few examples, I was ready to get started. I used the website Piktochart to create my info graph and I found the website very easy to use.

I spent a while thinking about what I could talk about in this project and I finally came up with a unique topic. In meditation, there is an essential aspect that has the individual feeling completely centered and spiritual. There are seven chakras that balance your body spiritually. I was able to make my own template even though the website was able to offer free templates. The website was simple to navigate and I was able to get the hang of it quickly. I used different icons and backgrounds to make my infographic interesting in order to catch someones eye. I added the icons that represent Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook for people to share because those are popular social media outlets. I published the final infographic on the website and I also posted it below!



One comment

  1. Kayla Bucci · February 29, 2016

    This is a very interesting infographic, I have never heard of the seven chakras specifically before, but now I know more about them!

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