Easily Photoshop Your Ex Out Of Pictures!

My experience with Photoshop was very exciting because I was able to take a good picture of me and take the ugly parts out! I took an old picture of my ex boyfriend and I at a school dance and simply put a tree in his place. When I had a hard time with the program, I used a video that I found on YouTube to help me through the process. The video was able to teach me keyboard shortcuts and it gave me helpful tips that beginners, like myself, should know.

To start off, I carefully used the lasso tool until I got a good outline of a tree and placed it where my ex was standing. I used the blur and smudge tools to make the picture look more realistic. I then took parts of the tree and increased the exposure on the left side to have the lighting match the rest of the picture. After getting the hard part done, I applied a light filter and toggled with the tints and shadows to arrive at my finished photo. Below you will see the before and after photos! Enjoy!



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


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