Looking back on the past semester has been bittersweet. Though I wont have to worry about multiple plan books and constant research, I have gotten the opportunity to network as well as continue to learn about the public relations field. As an advertising major, it is important to learn about the aspects of public relations because it allows you to have two points of view in campaigns. Since I have taken all public relations courses this semester, it has been interesting to see the distinct differences within the fields. I have learned how to overcome issues in regards to difficult clients and working with other students.

Along with my Fundamentals of Public Relations course, I also was enrolled in the course “Technology in Public Relations.” I got the opportunity to use select topics in both of my classes to compliment each other. Knowing that the current trends in society revolve around technology in communication; I implemented what I have learned to the plan book I made for the Seidman Graduate School Programs. The client struggled with how to communicate with undergraduate students. The was simple: technology. Knowing how much I go on social media, it was a no brainer that it was the right path to recruiting. It was also obvious that students are interested in an enhanced degree to support their future plans. Those were both implied, but then I had to research the basics.

The most important thing I learned in this course is that research is hard. No matter how much time you put into your primary and secondary research- it isn’t good enough. If you believe that your draft is the best it could be- it still isn’t good enough. In order to be a public relations professional, you must be very analytical and observant. When conducting research, it is essential to analyze the factors that are contributing to the issue from a variety of different angles and perspectives. Experiencing this first hand with our class client was a difficult process. I thought that shifting high school research to college research was hard, but shifting to Advertising and Public Relations research is an even harder task. I had to learn that clients are willing to pay a lot of money for your knowledge so making sure that you provide accurate research to help the plan is needed. Looking at perspectives creates a wider amount of strategies but then you can filter out what is the most important and would be the most impactful for the campaign.




I got the pleasure to meet Zoe Carmichael at the American Marketing Association (AMA). She taught us tricks about presenting and how to be effective in interviews and final exams. I was really impressed and got a lot of help that can help me in the future. And I also got to eat ice-cream!

Google Analytics

In class, I was able to get the opportunity to obtain my Google certification. Though I am still working on completing it, I have been learning a lot about how Google works. Google uses tools for companies to get to know their audience online. They can track the online behavior and responses to get a better understanding of the viewers. The search engine provides quizzes and videos to learn and obtain a certification.

I have included the final score of my 20 question quiz that I was requires to take. I found the quiz very easy because I took the practice quizzes and took a lot of notes. I would definitely recommend getting a Google certification because it looks great on resumes and is very helpful in the PR world!



Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 5.38.47 PM


Paliani, A. (2016) 20 question quiz screenshot (Online image). Retrieved April , 2016 from


What’s Your Opinion on Social Media?

It is crazy to think about the ways of communication and how much they have changed. Human interaction isn’t just face to face anymore. In fact, I think people prefer talking over the phone whether it is texting or calling and through social media. Social media has definitely changed the way that we as humans communicate and it can be shown in some positive and negative ways.

I use social media daily. To me, it is a form of entertainment. I will open Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook while I’m on the bus on my way to campus, when I’m bored and trying to procrastinate and a handful of times in between. I think I speak for most young adults when I say I use Facebook carefully.  I say this because this because this is what most of our family members use to communicate. Most posts on Facebook are posts that my grandmother will comment on and show her friends she calls the “Golden Girls.” With that being said, I believe Facebook is the most used social media medium; but slowly dying. This is because teenagers and young adults are taking advantage of Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram more.

I see social media as a platform to get yourself known. Kids are getting social media accounts younger and younger every year; which can be somewhat scary. These curious individuals are maturing quickly due to social media. They are watching celebrities and significantly older people and their lives which alters the way they should be living. This is the negative side of social media. I also believe that social media allows people to hide. Individuals have courage to cyber bully and say things that they most likely wouldn’t say in person. In an article by Brian Jung, he elaborates on how this takes a toll on mental health and can lead to depression and suicide (Jung 2016). Face to face communication is getting harder for our generation. “Concerns are growing that the practical impact of mobile device use is making humans more interested in their online lives, and less interested in each other” (Saiidi 2105). This makes their reality seem fake and their online lives more interesting to them.

Fox News has a very informative video that talks about anxiety that comes from social media here.

A lot of positive things can come out of social media too. It allows people to communicate quickly. This is very essential in the lives of many people today- everyone is busy. People want information fast and simple. Beside from texting, it is one of the fastest ways to keep in contact. You already have the app on your phone, it will be sent directly to your phone. It can potentially be just as fast as getting a text message. The difference is, anyone has access to contact you- but not everyone has your phone number. Another useful and positive aspect of social media is branding. “Social media advertising is the best native option”(Ganguly, 2015). Clearly because everyone is on their phones almost all the time. You can easily advertise goods and services and the chances of many people seeing it is very high. In fact, most advertising agencies and public relations professionals use social media as one of their top ways of getting their work known.

Personally, I love social media. I believe it is a good way to express yourself and communicate with others. Unfortunately, some people don’t know how to use it correctly and could be potentially hurt in the end on how they portray themselves on these platforms. I believe it is important to teach people the positive and negative things that come out of using social media.



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What’s Next for This Blog?

The semester is coming to an end quickly and everyone is cramming to get final papers and study rooms booked. This year, I have gotten a chance to expand my knowledge on Advertising and Public Relations through a variety of classes. This blog is a virtual notebook of what I have learned as well as a personal journal of my future plans through my field of study. This blog allows me to express myself with an informal tone so my readers get a sense of who I am on a personal/comedic level rather than reading a resume which would be more formal.

For the sake of my professional future, I have decided to keep my blog. Not only am I keeping it, I also have the link posted in my LinkedIn,, and all of my social media accounts. I will actively update this blog with future assignments within my field and I will be able to examine the growth I acquire in each class and overall in my college career. My vision is that future employers take a look at my blog and use this as a alternative resume/ portfolio. I think this is very important in the communications field because all the exercises I have posted are helpful and exceptional writing is crucial in public relations.

I am excited to discover where this blog takes me while I continue my adventure at Grand Valley!

Tech in Careers

Using, I was able to easily search for potential jobs in my area. I came across a few jobs that caught my attention because it focused on social media and important skills that I have learned from my advertising and public relations classes. Below, I listed 5 jobs along with technology requirements that they revealed.

All of these jobs are around the Grand Rapids area and most only require a bachelors degree. This is a very useful website because it is easy to navigate and you can type in whatever field you want to look into.

  • Account Executive- JDA Worldwide
  • Website
  • Stays current with advertising/media related news, trends and culture
  • Works in tandem with Media department to develop and deliver paid media plans
  • 5+ years recent experience in an advertising, media, creative, or branding capacity


  • Marketing Assistant- Advantage Sign and Graphic Solutions
  • Website
  • Data entry of vendor and web leads
  •  Search engine optimization tasks – improving page content, ensuring site structure is efficient, keyword relevancy, product names and tags, etc.
  •  Copywriting- develop, edit, and proofread copy for product descriptions & other web content
  • Create keyword research for website, including meta-tags, title tags and headers
  • Develop and implement link-building strategies
  • Assist in maintenance of information on company websites and blogs.
  • Assist with online advertising and paid search activities
  • Responsible for social media posting on Facebook, Linked, and Twitter
    Run website reports and distribute them to vendors and internal teams


  • Compliance Analyst- FormulaFolio Investments
  • Website
  • Management of marketing, email, and social media archiving systems to ensure our compliance team is able to properly supervise our internal staff and external advisors


  • Social Media Business Analyst – Adecco
  • Website
  • Mine social media data from Adobe Social and interpret data, analyze results using statistical techniques and provide intuitive ongoing reports
  • Acquire data from primary or secondary data sources and maintain databases/data systems
  • Identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets
  • Filter and “clean” data, and review reports, printouts, and performance indicators to locate and correct bugs


  • Social Media Specialist-Murdoch Marketing
  • Website
  • Manage day-to-day social media activity, including content creation and monitoring across all relevant social media platforms.
  • Maintain client brand message consistency across multiple social media and content platforms.
  • Develop, implement and manage online listening and social media measurement tools and functions. Evaluate and make recommendations on ROI.
  • Provide brand-wide thought leadership for all social media communications efforts and offer valuable perspective on how social media & content strategy can be used to maximum value in corporate marketing, public relations and development initiatives.

Have you ever googled yourself and not liked what you saw? Did you know that there is a way to fix that?! There certainly is! Sign yourself up at and you can boost at what sites pop up when you google your name. The pages you try to hide won’t be gone forever, but there is a way to get those searches lower into the system where people don’t usually check. BrandYourself has an option of a free profile. In the free option you are able to filter the results to “positive, not me and negative.” Afterwards, the website allows you to “Boost” three websites or pages that you want to be seen when people google your name. They offer a list of ways to improve your search results as well as telling you the order of the searches.

My initial score was a D. This is a poor score but it does not mean that I have a poor reputation on the internet. This occurred because I have a very unique name and there is a popular Italian man that has the same name as me. Most of the search results were about him and my sites showed up a few times. I decided to boost my LinkedIn profile as well as my profile. They offered me suggestions like adding my past positions and well as adding more interests. I now have a perfect score for my LinkedIn profile. If I am active enough on my LinkedIn, it will enhance my visibility on google. On my profile, the website told me to improve by adding my location as well as adding interests. I am now working on getting my profile to be higher on the search list.

Brand is useful for everyone that is seeking jobs as well as students because it allows you to control what future employers see about you!Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.56.35 PM – Online Business Card

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.32.02 PMMaking yourself known is essential in the communications world. Using simple tools like is a great way to get your name out there without being “pushy.” You could simply add your link to the bottom of an email or your social media pages including LinkedIn. is a simple profile that allows you to add a short bio, picture, education, interests, jobs, and social media links. Using this is a simple way to brand yourself, look professional and “tech savvy.”

I made my own page by adding a picture and short bio about myself including interests, where I’m from, and my hobbies. I added where I go to school and my major as well as a link that directs the viewer to this blog! The layout of the website was very simple to use and easy to navigate. It restricts you from adding too many interests and hobbies in order for you to keep your profile short and sweet. I then added my Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and WordPress accounts for future visitors to browse.

Here is my profile!

Importance of Tweetdeck

Public Relations professionals, business owners and even corporations have an advantage if they use Tweetdeck!. Tweetdeck allows you to do everything that twitter can do PLUS more. Tweet, favorite, retweet, direct message, reply, manage and monitor all of your twitter accounts! This is a very important tool to use because it allows you to schedule when tweets are posted. Using this feature can save a lot of time and allows the company or organization to be organized which looks great to their followers.

Using my twitter, I set up 5 tweets that I wanted to schedule for the rest of the semester. I incorporated events that I would be attending for my sorority and wished people luck on finals in April. It is important that you remain professional when using any social media to brand yourself or your company because many people use social media as a communication tool. Using hashtags is a great way to get content seen and allows individuals to find posts easier and faster.

Here is a picture of my scheduled tweets!

Don’t forget to follow me!

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 3.47.14 PM

InDesign & Personal Branding

Personal branding is important to not only advertising students like myself, but to all students and professionals that are interested in furthering their professions. In class, we have been learning about how to make an impact on future employers and individuals that you may work with in the future. Using Adobe InDesign, I was able to come up with a business card that can help people get in contact with me.

Starting off, I wasn’t very familiar with InDesign. I found a great tutorial for beginners which helped me out with the basics. I added a professional picture I had taken and used my favorite color to make it stand out! I didn’t feel the need to make the card too flashy and decided to make it more professional while still having some personal touches.

Take a look!